DIL Documentary Session ~ November Camera Day

It's time for my November edition of my "Camera Day" where I take my camera with me everywhere I go! My kids are really starting to hate this day. HA! This time, I decided to do strict documentary style. That means, I was not allowed to direct or change anything, just observe and capture. No turning off lights, no asking Nora to move to the window . . . nothing. I also had to deal with teens who do NOT appreciate being documented. But I was determined to do it nonetheless, so I told my Ethan that I wouldn't ever get his face in the shot, and he was ok with that. Then we had a big discussion about why in the world I even want to do this.

So, one reason is because I am just trying to shoot every day, do personal and creative shoots, and Just get better and grow, right? And also because I was taking a documentary class, and I wanted to give that a go. But why do my camera day? It's my journal right now. I'm not necessarily blogging regularly on my personal blog, I'm not even currently writing in my daily journal/to-do list because I'm too busy even for that! So how do I tell the story of our lives right now, from the crazy mess that I don't have time to clean up to the silliness of Nora changing into 5 dress-ups per day? I take pictures. That's it. 

This day, I took 1400 photos and narrowed it down to around 400. Yikes! I think I finally edited around 100. I'll share WAY less than that here, of course, but wow, it was an interesting exercise to really document our lives, instead of slowly watching for artistic moments. Of course, I still tried to do it artistically . . . 

I actually got some of my very favorite shots this day. I love it! Documentary is definitely something I am drawn to, and even though I sometimes feel like there's a laziness to it, there are definitely challenges as well! 

So here you go. A typical November Day In the Life of Cami Turpin. :)

And that is our typical November day! You'll notice it's mostly Nora, but she's the one that's home . . . and willing to have photos taken. I hope you enjoyed our little foray into documentary style, and maybe we'll revisit this another time. 

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