Playing with Light | Personal Session {Utah Photographer}

Ever since I discovered this new photography education site--ClickinMoms--I have been a bit obsessive when it comes to taking inspirational breakouts and workshops. I just can't turn down a great way to learn a new way of looking at photography. One recent breakout I did (Luminous, Magical, and Memorable: Learning to Shoot for Light First with Nicole Houser) was all about light and how to use it creatively, especially in my home. I had never even thought to look for sun flare or use golden hour inside my house. And I avoided direct light through a window at all costs! But just a PDF and a couple videos and I was off on an adventure that would change my photography forever. I'm really in love with some of the images I got, and I've been using the inspiration ever since. Take a look at some of my favorite shots!