Utah Lake with My Girls {Highland Family Photographer}

I have been shooting mostly film this summer for my personal work. But the life of a photographer is not always as simple as shooting just what we want and being able to wait 3 weeks for film scans! No, sometimes you have an assignment for a class or an Instagram loop that needs a specific theme, and you just have to shoot digital. This time, I needed a "sand" shot, and I didn't plan ahead enough to have one on film. I have to say, even though I'm totally in love with film this summer, I have missed shooting with my Canon 1DX and being able to creatively edit my shots, just a little. So this session felt pretty good. 

So, funny story--we went out to eat and to the store before heading to the lake, and Nora's dress was looking PRETTY grimy. But there we were at Target, so I just bought her a new one! Phewf! Easy enough. Then we headed to Utah Lake where I had done a senior session recently. There is every kind of sand there from gravel to super fine to mud, so they played in that for a while, but there was no way they weren't getting in the water! So in they jumped and splashed about and had the most fun in the gross swampy water! HA! 

I have been struggling with freelensing lately (a technique where you detach your lens from your camera and tilt it to achieve selective focus), and for some reason I felt like trying it with my giant 135mm lens, and it WORKED so well! So, when you see those shots in here that look a little bit hazy over most of the frame, you'll know I was being super dangerous by exposing my camera workings to sand. HA!


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