Fees listed here are all-inclusive. There are no minimum purchase requirements or in-person sales. Once you decide which session is right for your family, you will pay a $150 deposit at the time of booking, and the rest of the session fee is due on the day of the session. You will never pay another dime, unless you'd like me to create or purchase extra products for you. Once you book your session, you can leave the rest up to me! The end result will be a beautiful keepsake for your family. It's easy, because I want your experience to be fun and stress-free. That's how I like to do things. 

The whole experience includes personal guidance with wardrobe and preparation for your session both over the phone or email, using mood boards and PDF guides, as well as in-person conversation if you feel like you need more support. Fees for equipment use, travel, the session itself, editing, products, and product creation are all included. Most sessions include a gorgeous high quality, lay-flat, hard-page album, or a heart-melting, shareable slideshow with music and sometimes a few video clips. All sessions include an online album available to share for up to six months. Of course, you may also want to print your photos! You can either print them yourself at your favorite lab (or my recommendations) from your included full-sized files, or I can help you print them using my A La Cart Products section listed at the bottom of this page. The slide shows and albums can also be added on for an additional fee if you wanted to include both in your session. 



Family Sessions (Location and In-home): $650. Includes full session, digital files, and photo album.

Bringing Home Baby In-home Sessions: $650. Includes full session, digital files, and photo album.

Hours-old Baby Session (Fresh 48): $500. Includes full session, digital files, and photo album. 

Events and Adventure Sessions: $500 for 2 hours + $50 per additional hour. Includes digital files and slideshow.

Christmas PJ Minis: $200 + $50 per additional child. Includes 20-minute session and 20-30 digital files.

Family Christmas Card Sessions: $250. Includes 20-minute session and 10-20 digital files.

Home Christmas Tree Sessions: $300. Includes 20-minute in-home session and 10-20 digital files.


All other sessions, please inquire for pricing and availability.

Ask me about add-on session pricing if you want more than one session during the same year.


Why are products included in the session fee? 

I include albums or slideshows in the price of my sessions because, in my experience, many families have a hard time deciding what to print, don't know what to do with their photos, don't have a place for several canvases or prints in their home, or just never get around to printing! Many just let the digital files get lost in their hard drives, never to be seen again. Albums and slideshows are a hassle-free way for you to enjoy your photos for years to come without having to worry about putting them together yourself (which, let's be honest, may never happen). I have also done my research to find the best labs that create high-quality, beautiful, true-color prints, so what you see in your digital files is what you'll actually get. Faster labs (like Costco) are great for quick jobs, but they often print dark or muddy, which is not what you want after you've invested your time and money into getting these photos! 

Albums and slideshows do NOT include all the files from your session. All proofed files will be given to you digitally, but I will personally curate the best photos from your session into an album. You will have a chance to mark your most favorite images to make sure they are included. I usually deliver between 150 and 200 images digitally, but your album will probably include around 100 images. If you just can't stand to cut out so many photos, you are welcome to upgrade your book or slideshow and I will let you know how much more that will cost before we continue. You will also have one chance to review your product and request changes (before the book is printed, of course), and I will be happy to make your product the best it can be. If you have a certain album company you have been using for years, and you just cannot stand to switch, let's talk about some options (either by using that company, or making a photo book the same size you've been printing). As long as you have photos in hand at the end of the day, I'm happy to work with you!


A la Cart and Print Products:

Photo Albums:

I use high quality, lay-flat, hard page albums custom designed and curated by me using your favorite photos from our session and are a wonderful keepsake. Many sessions include these albums in the session fee. Cost depends on size, number of pages, and cover materials.


Slide Shows:

A personalized slide show of your session that you can watch over and over as well as share with others is a great way to view your images and relive the experience. The length of the slide show depends on the number of photos and/or video clips. Many sessions include the slide show in the session fee.



4X6: Standard-$.50, Hard Board-$1.50

5X7: Standard-$1, Hard Board-$2.50

8X10: Standard-$3, Hard Board-$3.50

Prints Box:

$15 for box of 10

$25 for box of 20

$35 for box of 30

Canvases or Mounted Prints:

8X10: $20

11X14: $25

10X24: 35

16X20: $40

20X30: $55

24X36: $65

Wood Print Wall Art:

8X10: $50

11X14: $65

10X24: $75

16X20: $85

20X30: $110

24X36: $130