Personal Work and Projects

I started photography to capture my own children, and they continue to be my greatest muse. I am passionate about continuing my education, and take numerous classes, breakouts, and workshops every year to learn new techniques and fine tune my skills. I also gain inspiration from other photographers and groups that give me challenges and new ideas every single day. My family are my guinea pigs for these new ideas and techniques, and we often have so much fun trying crazy new things including fog machines, free-lensing, self-portraits, low light, water play, creative light, creative editing, intentional rule-breaking, reflections, documentary sessions, and more! These shots are creative or sometimes personal in nature, and may vary quite a bit from my client work. But I often incorporate things I learn from these sessions into my client work, and I find the daily practice to be enriching and inspirational. I often post both my personal sessions and my client sessions on Facebook and Instagram if you'd like to see more!