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Hours-old newborn sessions with Cami Turpin of Blue Hill images capture your fresh baby in the first 48 hours of their life, usually in the hospital or birthing center. Mom and baby and other family members if desired are included in these natural and emotional photos with the brand new baby.

Hours-old Newborn Sessions

There is something magical about the first few days after the baby is born when you can count their life in hours and you are getting to know them for the first time. I love to capture those moments and help you remember what it felt like to discover their toes, ears, eyelashes, and nose in those first hours. It's even better when I can capture siblings meeting the new little sibling as well. Their reactions are always so interesting!

Hours-old sessions are usually done in the hospital, but they can be anywhere you are with your fresh newborn. It's best if we do the session in the first 48 hours after the baby is born--whenever you feel rested enough to let me walk around you taking photos! These are not portrait sessions, and no one needs to be in perfect clothes or have perfect hair. It is low-key and you won't have to do anything but keep enjoying your baby. There will be a mix of documentary and lifestyle photographs during this session. We want to capture this moment just the way it is!

NICU babies need photos too! The best time to capture a baby in the NICU is when you are finally allowed to hold them. Even though that sometimes takes several weeks, those are the moments you want to capture. Don't worry about intubation or anything like that. You will want to remember those special moments no matter what. An add-on session for the day your baby finally gets to come home is a great way to get a full session for the price of a mini session, and capture both moments so you don't feel like you have to choose.

See PRICING page for information on session fees and what's included in your experience.

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