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I'm Cami! I am first and foremost and a mom of four very individually unique kids aged from a preschooler to teenagers, and a wife to a super supportive and amazing husband. My own family with its unique photographic challenges (I have two children on the autism spectrum) is what drives me to capture real and beautiful moments for other families.

In addition to being a photographer, I also teach preschool gymnastics classes in my own little home gym, because wh else would I have an excuse to do cartwheels and handstands at my age? 

I enjoy all kinds of music and I play the viola in a community symphony orchestra. Since I stopped teaching music, I'm afraid I'd never pick up my viola again if I didn't join a group! 

I really love to read (no really, I read everything), and my office is a library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves stocked with every kind of book. It's my happy place. I have a BA in English from BYU and focused on editing and Victorian Literature.

Playing outside and general adventure seeking is something I'm always up for, but I also always want to be cozy in my own house (and bed). It's a constant struggle. Cycling is one of my favorite pastimes, and I have done a century ride, and an olympic-length triathlon! But lately I have put aside competitive sports and just do active things that are fun and social and make me happy.

And of course, I love taking photos--especially ones that really show life the way it is at its best, and yes, sometimes its worst! When I first picked up my camera, I was dealing with two autistic toddlers (now teens!) and a newborn baby girl. The few photos I have of that time are so important to me, especially the ones that showed when it was hardest, and the ones that showed that there was still love and light in those hard times. After over ten years of shooting only digitally, I have also fallen back in love with film photography. It has brought an authenticity and magic to my photos that I feel was missing in my digital work.

I love to use photography as a journal--not to just record what's happening, but to help work through it all and survive it! I know it has helped me in my hardest times. For me, photography shows my heart more than any other artistic outlet I've tried. 

My Style

I love just capturing life! Those real moments and connections are important to me. If I can capture beautiful light at the same time, I’m even happier. Life-inspired photography is my true love, because I believe life is beautiful just the way it is. It's especially beautiful when people are laughing, loving, and learning--those are the things I love to do best myself. More than anything, I love having fun. If photography isn't fun for me, and for the families I work with, I am not happy. So my first goal is to help my families relax, and just be themselves. That's when the magic happens. One of the reasons I use primarily film in my sessions is that allows me to slow down and connect even more with the families I work with, and that allows them to connect more with the camera. The images we make together are special in their scarcity and truth. I believe photography is more than just capturing a moment, it's capturing your heart. That's when the magic happens.

Cami Turpin

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