In-home Lifestyle Engagements | Lehi Photographer {Utah County Couples Photography}

I don’t usually do weddings, but I’ve done lots of engagement photos, and I adore them. There is just something about young love that inspires a photographer like nothing else. I especially love when I get to come to the darling cottage apartment where they’ll be living together and document an intimate little lifestyle session. Their styling and the amazing retro details in their apartment was perfect for this session mostly on film. And it doesn’t hurt that they might be the prettiest couple in the world!

Full Sun Family Outdoor Session | Dana Point CA {Utah Lifestyle Photographer}

This family mini session with three little boys was so adorable! I just loved their energy and connection. One amazing thing about shooting on film is that we can do an outdoor family session any time of day! The full sun looks beautiful and colors are so bright, and it handles the light so much better than I can with digital photos.

Cousins Beach Session | Dana Point CA {Utah Family Photographer}

I had a chance to do some family sessions while I was in California for a photography conference. This beach session with 5 cousins was the stuff of dreams. I decided to do this session hybrid, so I did some with my digital camera and some with Ektar 100, which is perfect for beach tones. I shot the majority of this session documentary-style with very little guiding or posing. I loved capturing these natural playful moments between these cousins on this beautiful beach.

Families on Film | Utah Family Photographer {Tibble Fork American Fork Canyon}

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or reading anything I’ve written for the last few months, you know I’m completely taken with film! I feel like it makes me a better photographer, and makes my clients look even more beautiful and natural. The more I do clients on film, the more I love it!

My amazing photographer friend let me use her family for my first family session completely on film, and traveled quite a distance and got her littles up for sunrise to do it! It was completely worth it—Tibble Fork had gorgeous mist all over the resevoir and was it was so quiet and beautiful. The film captured the color and the beauty so amazingly well, and the sunrise and this family couldn’t have been more beautiful.

Here are a few of my favorites from the session, and check out the little video I made of the session as well.

Hours-old Newborn Session on Film | Utah County Baby Photographer

When I left for this hours-old session, the sun was so bright I was worried I’d have too much light in the room. Of course by the time I got in the room, the sun had gone behind a cloud, and we had very little light! I really wanted to do this whole session on film, so went for it anyway. I took out my digital to get a few as well, and in the end, I still loved the film shots the best. But it was easy with this beautiful (gigantic!) babe and family! And since film is magical, we still got awesome results in a less than ideal situation.

Back to School | Film Session {Pleasant Grove Utah Photographer}

I am loving my film work SO so much that I decided to try a little back to school session all on film. I'd love to start offering it to clients, and this seemed like a good way to see how it goes. I had SO much fun, and this adorable outfit and darling girl did not make things harder!! After I got these scans back, I decided I'd try a few more film portfolio sessions. So I'll be doing FOUR more of these back to school minis for just the price of film! $50 for a 20-minute session. You'd receive around 10 digital files that you can print and share as much as you'd like. So contact me if you're interested in a session!

I will also be doing family in-home sessions. I have booked one, so I need one more family and an in-home baby session (baby needs to be under 4 weeks old). Family/Baby sessions will be $150--again, just the price of film/development! Around 40 digital files will be included. 

Let me know if you want in on either of those awesome and magical film sessions, and enjoy this cute girl getting ready for school!

Outdoor Family Session | Using Your Own Backyard {Lehi UT Lifestyle Photographer}

Family sessions don't have to be in a pretty field or mountain location. This family wanted the comfort of an in-home session but all the fun and nature of an outdoor session, so we used their beautiful backyard! We had such a fun time, playing on the trampoline and the hammock, using the soccer goal, picking and eating fruit they had never tried before from their own trees! Although our session was cut short due to a CRAZY storm that popped up out of nowhere, and the light was dark and dismal, we still created some magic. And we even ended with the traditional "Porchrait!" Doesn't hurt when your families look like models! 

Lehi Bringing Home Baby | In-home Lifestyle Newborn {Utah Family Photographer}

Oh, don't you love with when a new baby has giant amounts of soft fluffy hair? It's even better when they also have gorgeous blue eyes. I love doing baby sessions in the home, especially when there's a little sibling around. They feel so comfortable there and it just feels more like playtime than a session. What in the world that the big bro ALSO had a gorgeous head of curly hair! I was in details heaven here folks. 

Newborn In-hospital Session | Baby Girl Fresh 48 {American Fork Utah Lifestyle Baby Photographer}

Hours-old sessions are an absolute favorite of mine. I just can't get over those first few moments of life when and the connection when the mom is connecting with this new life and discovering all those little details of her newborn baby. It's such a privilege to be there and capture it. 

Mountain Green Family In-home Session {Utah Lifestyle Photographer}

What happens when you take a darling family, a beautiful house in an incredible mountain location, pancakes, bubble baths, and s'mores? You get a magical in-home family session that makes their photographer super happy. Seriously, let's have more sessions just like this one please! I love it when families feel comfortable enough to just do their own thing while I'm there. It makes every shot so authentic. 

I couldn't choose just a few shots from this session, so get ready!

Extended Family Mountain Session {Utah Lifestyle Photography}

Families choose to have outdoor family sessions for several reasons. For some it's a yearly documentary session, or a way to remember this fun moment in their lives. For others, it's an effort to record a certain time before big changes. This wonderful family was getting ready to say goodbye to some who were moving away, saying hello to some new ones about to be born, and wanted to shoot at their wonderful family cabin where they had so many good memories together. It was a dream and so much fun to capture their families in this time of transition up in the beautiful Utah mountains!

Lifestyle Sunset Family Session {American Fork UT photographer}

Sometimes you meet a family you instantly love, and then even if you don't see them for the better part of 10 years, you feel like no time has passed at all when you finally see them again. I knew this darling family when we lived in Maryland, and then we moved here to Utah, and they moved away to Korea, and we thought never the twain should meet again! But here they are! Living just minutes from my house. So we had to take advantage of our amazingly warm winter weather once again and get a sunset session. We were able to stay long enough to let the sun set and get an amazing view of snow-covered Mount Timpanogos behind them!

Sometimes I tell families they just have to pretend to like each other while we are taking pictures. HA! But this family did not have to pretend. I hardly had to direct them at all, and I usually got distracted from taking pictures of one group of happily cuddling people, because other people were happily cuddling or playing in gorgeous light directly behind me, just because that's what they do. It was a dreamy session, and if I could do one just like it every day, I'd be a happy lady. 

My goal is usually to get the dad to say, "Well, that wasn't so bad!" But this time, my happy moment was when the mom texted me to say her 3-year-old got in the car after an hour-long photo session and said, "That was fun!" I mean, right?!

Also, they kept calling me Auntie. 

"Run to Auntie, Miles!" :) :) :)

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Sibling lifestyle sunset session ~ {Utah County family photographer}

It has been a super strange January. We've had beautiful golden hours at a balmy 45 degrees! (Listen, in mid-winter, that seems like summertime.) So we took advantage of the beautiful light and perhaps a LITTLE bit chilly weather and did a fun sunset session with part of this family. Brady was turning 8 and needed some baptism pictures, so we also decided to do some sibling shots, and some snuggle shots with mom. Eight or not, he's the baby of the family, and I'm pretty sure they'll all think of him that way forever. I also got to really take my new lenses out for a spin, and have some fun. And that's never a bad thing! Hooray for sun haze and sun rays!! 

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In-home Christmas Lifestyle Session {Highland Utah Family Photographer}

So . . . if I could be a house, I might choose to be the Grovers' house. Not just because it's beautiful, but because it's full of fun and happy people doing fun and happy things. They like making pancakes each Saturday, and flipping is Dad's job, but he lets the little ones help. They like playing piano, reading, and snuggling. They make snowflakes and hang them above their dining table every Christmas. They climb on bookshelves, jump off the hearth, and have little Christmas trees in their bedrooms. They let the little sister put the star on the tree. And also, when a photographer comes to do an in-home family session, they are total pros and just have a lot of fun.

Also, it's gorgeous, and they are gorgeous, and that's that! It will be hard to narrow down the kajillion pictures we put into their beautiful 40-page album to post here, but I'll give it a try . . .

And just so we all know, this session was the birthplace of the term "Porchtraits" which has now become a traditional shot for my in-home sessions! Thanks Instagram for helping me out with that. :)

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Bringing home baby brother ~ lifestyle session {Utah newborn and family photographer}

This session was SO fun. The family is just the cutest. They just welcomed their FOURTH boy home, and this session was a combination of an In-home Lifestyle session AND an add-on Bringing Home Baby! (I'll blog that baby session separately.) I love this combo! The family were CHAMPS during this long session, and I got to do all my favorite things at once--photos of a new smunchy baby, and pictures of kids being their little crazy selves. I usually have a "star" in each of my sessions, and although each of these kids was a star in his own way, I have to award the winning shots to cute Charlie, the blondie in the middle. He made me laugh the whole time. OH, I just love this family and this whole session. Thanks so much CUTE Smith family! Thank you for loving to dance on your kitchen counter top while you make pancakes. Thank you for being darling. Thank you for loving your smoochy baby so much! And thank you for letting me capture it all. 

(And can we all just be in awe of their kitchen for a minute? The remodel was completed that very morning!)

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In-home lifestyle session ~ brother and sister {Highland UT family photographer}

There are so many things I love about this session.

  1. We did the whole session during dad's lunch hour.
  2. There was ZERO prep and ZERO stress.
  3. We were in a basement apartment with one small window.

You think you need tons of time, a beautiful home, and to clean your house for hours and get perfect clothing for your children to have an in-home lifestyle session? Think again! This session was super fun, super easy, and since we didn't have a lot of options in the dark basement, we stayed in one spot the entire time and got everything we needed and more. When I delivered the pictures, Elise said, "I want a lifestyle session every day!" 

No, seriously. They are actual fun. 

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