Families at Home

Family portraits are wonderful. They are great for Christmas cards, sending to grandma, whatever! But what I really treasure are the images that tell a story--capture my kids' real personalities, real smiles, real life. Those pictures of the kids in the bath, playing with the dog in the backyard, riding a scooter, making cookies, or jumping on the bed are always the ones that give me the biggest smile. I am instantly transported back to that time and remember those little people just the way they were. 

In a lifestyle session, I come into your home and capture those connections and moments that tell the story of your family right now. In-home sessions are great for everyone, but especially families who find family portraits stressful and have kids (toddlers or teens, or even dads!) who resist family pictures, or who have a hard time acting natural when being photographed. But even the most portrait-friendly families might truly treasure the kind of magical images that come from connecting with your family in the most comfortable way. 

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