Family of Three In-home Session | Pleasant Grove UT {Utah County Lifestyle Photographer}

There is something super special about the time you spend with your first baby. Those first experiences with love on that scale are pretty amazing, and you’re sure you could never love another one like that again (but of course you always do!). With my first baby, I have some of the most ridiculous photos—posed and uncomfortable, the 6-month-old screaming his guts out sitting on my husband’s hip while he is stretched out on the ground, and I sit next to them and we smile at the camera pretending this is all super normal. HA! So I’m just going to pretend we have pictures of us snuggling on the bed and swinging in hammock chairs like this instead, ok? It feels like us, so I’ll just live vicariously through this darling fam. HA!

In-home sessions don’t have to involve the whole house. We did this session mostly in the bedroom, but a couple at a different window and some on the small balcony. The photos are about the families, not the home, but you just can’t duplicate the kind of ease and comfort that comes with being in your own space. But also, this beautiful mom was worried that her hair matched the walls . . .ummmmm BONUS!! (And I also pointed out to her that my blond-ish hair also matches my boring beige-ish walls, so . . .) I absolutely loved this colorful and cozy session.