Hours-old Newborn Session on Film | Utah County Baby Photographer

When I left for this hours-old session, the sun was so bright I was worried Iā€™d have too much light in the room. Of course by the time I got in the room, the sun had gone behind a cloud, and we had very little light! I really wanted to do this whole session on film, so went for it anyway. I took out my digital to get a few as well, and in the end, I still loved the film shots the best. But it was easy with this beautiful (gigantic!) babe and family! And since film is magical, we still got awesome results in a less than ideal situation.

Lehi Bringing Home Baby | In-home Lifestyle Newborn {Utah Family Photographer}

Oh, don't you love with when a new baby has giant amounts of soft fluffy hair? It's even better when they also have gorgeous blue eyes. I love doing baby sessions in the home, especially when there's a little sibling around. They feel so comfortable there and it just feels more like playtime than a session. What in the world that the big bro ALSO had a gorgeous head of curly hair! I was in details heaven here folks. 

Newborn In-hospital Session | Baby Girl Fresh 48 {American Fork Utah Lifestyle Baby Photographer}

Hours-old sessions are an absolute favorite of mine. I just can't get over those first few moments of life when and the connection when the mom is connecting with this new life and discovering all those little details of her newborn baby. It's such a privilege to be there and capture it. 

In-home baby session {Utah lifestyle newborn photographer}

Remember the cutest In-home Lifestyle session you ever saw with these crazy boys running around the kitchen and dancing on the countertops and jumping on the bed?! Well, we also did an add-on Bringing Home Baby session! They couldn't do the family portion until their kitchen was finished with a gorgeous remodel, and I was super worried about the baby getting TOO BIG! So I came over a few weeks early, just to get some shots of that little pumpkin while he was still wrinkly and sleepy.

I posted lots of snuggle shots with mom and the brothers on that post, but it's time for the baby to have his moment in the sun. He was just so pleasant to work with, and I just got to snuggle and play with him for as long as I wanted, which I'm just not going to complain about! Let's look at his squishyness.

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