In-home baby session {Utah lifestyle newborn photographer}

Remember the cutest In-home Lifestyle session you ever saw with these crazy boys running around the kitchen and dancing on the countertops and jumping on the bed?! Well, we also did an add-on Bringing Home Baby session! They couldn't do the family portion until their kitchen was finished with a gorgeous remodel, and I was super worried about the baby getting TOO BIG! So I came over a few weeks early, just to get some shots of that little pumpkin while he was still wrinkly and sleepy.

I posted lots of snuggle shots with mom and the brothers on that post, but it's time for the baby to have his moment in the sun. He was just so pleasant to work with, and I just got to snuggle and play with him for as long as I wanted, which I'm just not going to complain about! Let's look at his squishyness.

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