In-home Christmas Lifestyle Session {Highland Utah Family Photographer}

So . . . if I could be a house, I might choose to be the Grovers' house. Not just because it's beautiful, but because it's full of fun and happy people doing fun and happy things. They like making pancakes each Saturday, and flipping is Dad's job, but he lets the little ones help. They like playing piano, reading, and snuggling. They make snowflakes and hang them above their dining table every Christmas. They climb on bookshelves, jump off the hearth, and have little Christmas trees in their bedrooms. They let the little sister put the star on the tree. And also, when a photographer comes to do an in-home family session, they are total pros and just have a lot of fun.

Also, it's gorgeous, and they are gorgeous, and that's that! It will be hard to narrow down the kajillion pictures we put into their beautiful 40-page album to post here, but I'll give it a try . . .

And just so we all know, this session was the birthplace of the term "Porchtraits" which has now become a traditional shot for my in-home sessions! Thanks Instagram for helping me out with that. :)

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