Outdoor Family Sessions | Utah County Photographer Cami Turpin

Cami Turpin of Blue Hill Images offers family lifestyle sessions in beautiful locations usually during sunset. Families are guided into natural connections and create fun and real moments captured in photos.

Outdoor Family Sessions

How many people do you know who GROAN when it's time for family pictures? (Dads, I'm looking at you!) But if we let go of the idea of the traditional "perfect" family portrait, we can create beautiful and memorable experiences and images together, and have a LOT of fun while we are at it! When I focus on natural family connections and interactions, and direct family moments rather than poses, I can catch those moments that really show who you really are. Kids jumping in a puddle, Dad chasing down a toddler, teenagers rough housing, everyone in a big family hug . . . whatever tells the story of this time in your life. I have a list of shots I love to get, but I don't force smiles out of anyone. (I usually get them anyway!)  My sessions feel more like a fun family outing than a chore, and it shows in the images we create together. 

Location sessions are most often scheduled during sunset so we can can use the most beautiful and golden light of the day, but we can also get that gorgeous light during sunrise. The location we choose for your session is selected according to where the light works best and what fits the personality of your family. The focus is always on your family rather than the scenery around you, and we can create artistic and natural images anywhere!

See PRICING page for information on session fees and what's included in your experience.

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